Advertise With Us

NEO Sports Network has many advertising opportunities for your business. Advertising with us is not just about ROI, it’s about supporting student athletes in our area and build the community.

NEO Sports Network does not charge the schools to film and live stream the games. The costs of production are covered solely by sponsors like you. 50% of the profits are given to the schools to further students’ participation in video production and live streaming.

Sponsorship TypeDescription# Available
TitleMain sponsor – logo and mention at the beginning and end of game. At least 1 mention per quarter – “You’re watching the <sponsor> Game of the Week on NEO Sports Network” 1
:30 Video Spot30 seconds video ad that plays in a side by side window during game play3
:15 Banner SpotYour banner will appear during the game 4
Player of GameYour logo will appear with on-air mention of the <sponsor> Player of the Week – decided by the announcers1
Half-timeSponsor the Half-time recap1
:30 Half-time Video Spot30 second video ad that plays, full screen during half-time4
ScoreboardSponsor logo integrated into the in game scoreboard and the Quarter/Half/Final scoreboards1
Starting LineupYour logo will appear with on-air mention of the <sponsor> Starting Lineup1
Random live readAt some point during the game, the announcer will live read an ad for your business. Ex: Hungry after the game? Call Peter’s Pizza Palace to Placate your Pangs16